Saturday, April 30, 2011

I won't go through this again.............

Been there done that. Why am I going here again? I've POAS every other day this week. They were all BIG FAT NEGATIVES.

I have 2 beautiful kids to keep me going, I need to think about them. My present and definite future. No more wishful thinking, daydreams, and spending $50 a week on pregnancy tests!

I've kept it all to myself. He doesn't know about how much I've been wishing on stars and everything else I can think of for a baby. I don't want to put us through the anguish of the past. I just have to remind myself of how much it affected us. Only this time it will be worse because we have two innocent children that will unfairly be dragged along. And they don't deserve that. They need to be my #1 right now.

So.........instead of sitting in front of my computer googling IF and Mirena, I'm going to take my kids out. Who knows where we'll go but we'll be together ;)

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