Thursday, December 8, 2011

It's Such A Cruel World :(

So, it's Cd3 today. My cycle was 38 days this (last?) month. I was beginning to let myself believe I was pregnant. I went to the store and bought a prenancy test. Of coarse I couldn't wait to get home to test so, I went into the restroom to do it.

As I was testing...right in the middle of poas...I got my period.

The worst part is that even thought I was obviously not pregnant, I was still squinting and looking for invisible lines!!!

Sometimes I think that this world is just too cruel. Why are there kids dying of hunger, abused, murdered, neglected, and many other horrible things. Everyday babies that are addicted to crack are born. So many horrible things happen to children because their parents let it happen or cause it themselves. I would never EVER do anything to harm my children yet, I can't get pregnant. Meanwhile, so many women that don't deserve to be alive much less become mothers are getting pregnant. Why? Why? WHY???


I remind myself.....

Everyday there are children dying of cancer and other tragic situations as well. My 2 children are safe, warm, happy, and loved. I shouldn't ask for more.


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