Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Good Beta's!!!

5/15/12- 132
5/17/12- 483!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am very confident that this time my postitve numberw will result in a cuddly baby come early 2013.  At my appointment with the ob (a new one that can do a sono each time) he did a vaginal sonogram and was not able to see much.  He said it looked good.  What he showed me was "a tear drop area where the pregnancy is starting to develop."  I nodded and tried to hide my dissapointment at not being able to see a heartbeat.  But, the reality is that  I am only about 4-5 weeks along.  I have another appointment next Friday to see if we can determine a due date.  I am over the moon and I am staying poitive.  I WILL HOLD MY BABY IN ABOUT 8 MONTHS :)


  1. So did Fertilaid work for you? How are you?

  2. Sorry I'm so late! But, yes!! I truly believe it was Fertlaid! We tried for a year with no luck and not once did I get ewcm. I tried Fertlaid for one month for the first 14 days of my cycle. My husband took the male version for the whole month and we got pregnant the next month. It says that it takes a month to get in your system and kick in and my husband did notice a difference the next month and I got ewcm for the first time after a year of trying. I'm now 11 weeks along :)

  3. Your story sounds like mine esp with a molar pregnancy. I will be 13 weeks Sunday. :)